Wood working Safety Guidelines

Mr. Westhaver


1) Always wear safety glasses.

2) Always be aware of where your fingers are. Keep them away from the blades.

3) Only one person on a machine at a time.

4) Do not talk to someone using a tool.

5) Do not run in the shop.

6) Do not throw anything in the shop. (Not even a short distance, or into garbage can.)

7) No shouting or loud noises.

8) No pushing, shoving or fooling around in the shop.

9) No headphones, loose strings, jewelry or sleeves, and hair must be up and tied.

RESPECT (Show respect to others by following these guidelines)

1) Always listen to the teacher.

2) Respect the machines. They could be dangerous if used improperly.

3) Be quiet when someone else is speaking.

4) Do not touch anyone else’s projects. Neither on the table, in the closet or in the finish room.

5) Do not use foul language.

6) Do not degrade anyone with insults.

7) No shouting or loud noises.

8) Do not take anything that is not yours. (In other words, no stealing)

9) Show me that you are responsible and mature enough to use this shop.


1) Always use class time wisely.

2) Time your work so you are not waiting around for something to dry or someone to finish using a tool.

3) Help others. We want everyone in the class to be working efficiently.