People in Paramus' History

     Emily Howland was a teacher who taught at the elementary level in a one-room school  house. She died at the age of 78 in 1952.  She bequeathed her 14-acre property to the town for educational and recreational purposes. This land includes the area on Spring Valley Road and Howland Avenue where Paramus' first public library was founded and East Brook Middle School is located.
     Fred Triquart organized Paramus’own professional baseball team. They were called the “Paramus Lambs” and each player in the team was paid. Some of the players were Gary Faber who was the catcher and Frank DeGeeter who was the pitcher.
     Harry Carlough was named "Special Officer" in the year 1944. 11 years later he was killed in the line of duty. The street where the police station is located today is named after him in his honor.
     The DeGeeter family built the Paramus Roller Skating Rink on Route 17 (by Midland Avenue). They opened the rink in the year 1937. Their rink was able to hold 1500 skaters at once.
     The Paramus Bathing Beach was opened in the year 1932 by the Blauvelt and DeGeeter families. Frank Kostro almost drowned at the beach once and Hi Blauvelt rescued him. The Paramus Bathing Beach was later closed down in 1962.
     Otto Weisgerber was Paramus’s first mayor from 1922 to 1928. The first councilmen were Robert Coombs, Mortimer Easton, Charles Findley, Fred Bogert, Ernie Hopper, and John Winters.
     Fred Bogert was a late historian and author who had written about the history of Paramus.
     The Bergen Pines hospital was just beginning to be built in 1916. It was built in Paramus because it had lots of land. Dr. Morrow was the first to become a resident doctor in Bergen Pines.
     George Matanin and Benjamin Turs were two landscapers. They are the ones who built the Treeland Nursery in 1947.
     Cornelius Winters opened a family business, Winters Trucking Company, in 1925. They are still in business on Winters Avenue.
     William Ehret blasted all rocks and tree stumps in the way of the construction of Forest Avenue.
     Collete Daiute represented Paramus in the Miss Teenage America contest held in Texas in the year 1965, and won the title.
     Elaine Zayack participated in the United States Figure Skating Championships in 1979. Although she injured her leg before the competition, she still won the championships.
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