Mr. Weinstein


“Do Not Fear Moving Ahead Slowly, Fear Standing Still”

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Ms. Kondratowicz -- World Cultures 9 CP                      in class support

Ms. Danny -- World Cultures 9 CP                                    in class support

Mr. Weinstein -- English 11                                                 English 11 RR

Mr. Weinstein -- World Cultures 9 RR

Mr. Weinstein -- Academic Support


          Classroom Expectations & Procedures:

In addition to the Code of Conduct, policies, and procedures listed in the student handbook, you are required to do the following:

·         Arrive on time

·         Come prepared to work

·         Be willing to participate

·         Be respectful of all members of the class and their belongings

·         When absent, please see me immediately to review missed work and to arrange for extra help

English 11 Resource Room Supplies:

2 spiral notebooks, 1 Composition book [for journaling]

·         Classroom notes, vocabulary, literary terms, homework

·         Literature circles, journal writing

·         2-pocket folders

·         Agenda/assignment book


·         Classroom Performance/Participation/Preparation = 1/3 grade

·      Homework number of assignments will vary in each marking period. The number of completed assignments divided by the number of incomplete assignments will equal 1/3 of the grade.

·        Quizzes and Tests = 1/3 grade



Writing Units

Vocabulary & Application


Journal Writing