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Concert Choir


Concert Choir


















Music Theory















Music Theory 





Music Theory



























Piano Lab















Intro to Piano













Musical Theater











Theory and Harmony 











Additional repertoire: In The Still of the Night (Porter)

 Quiz on O Fortuna lyrics p.5 on 10/15 * p.4 on 10/18.


GREAT JOB at the Music Parents Meeting.  This was a good FIRST performance.  Next performance is the Recruitment Concert on November 2 in the Auditorium for the district grade schools. Repertoire TBA. Selected from: “O, Fortuna” (Orff) Autumn Leaves (Mercer), Ye Banks and Braes (Burns, Vive L’Amour.

Vocal tape/cd due before 11/11 with YOUR VOCAL PART  singing “Cum Sancto”. 

Five “listenings” (paragraph critiques) are also due before 11/11.

Check sectional “lessons” schedule. DO NOT MISS your lesson unless you have a quiz or test or presentation conflict.



(Continue to memorize) Hodie (Ceremony of Carols) –Britten, Auld Lang Syne, Gigue Noel (Young) for Holiday Concert.







. All Arpeggio compositions and SCORES are due by 10/13. (Aaron, Michael will perform on Monday 10/18)


9/21/10 Continue with class performances on “primary instrument”.

Critter Composition” using Major and Minor 3ds. All compositions are due Wednesday, Sept. 24th.


Final Performance June 1* in Auditorium




Andante performances in room 503 on 10/13.  Each student may add one piece of their own choosing. Practice “Liszts” will be collected.


 Keep practicing.  “Only play piano on the days that you eat.” –Suzuki


Continue to notate “playing” time on “Best Practice” sheets 

New Music: Fur Elise or The Entertainer (Your choice)  Best  Practice Sheets due at any time *  “Circle of 5ths research DUE.









All music must be memorized.  Staging and Choreography will be updated until the week of the concert.  (in room 616 during sectional lessons and choir periods.---all times posted on bulletin board.)

(*Prem1ers will rehearse on Tuesday 11/13 , 3-4:30p.) Prep. For Eastbrook “Night of Remembrance”.  (America)

Continue: “Prayer” (Hansel and Gretel) and “The Shepherd’s Chorus” (Amahl and the Night Visitors) Winter’s On the Wing,

Snow, Snow,In the Cool of the Evenin’, Winter Wonderland, Trepak, Marshmellow World.


Tree Lighting, Thurs. Dec. 6 at 7p (Petruska Park) Dress Warmly Repertoire (all Holiday accapella pieces )

Prose: December 11


Holiday Concert * Bergen Academies (Dec. 19th @ 7:30p) Mandatory

Prem1ers: Rotary at Season’s—December 20th (during lunch hour from PHS.)


Tree Lighting –Dec.6 (Thursday) (Petruska Park 7p.)


Non-traditional casting questions due 12/10. 

Journals checked.  Continue with new Showcase music and show order.  ( “There’s No Business Like Show Business” plus choreography.)

“Showcase” date set: (Final Exam) Tuesday, Jan. 22nd at 4p.

Kislan- The Musical; read to Chapter 7, Jerome Kern.  (Individual students are responsible for Early Forms, Minstrelsy, Vaudeville, Burlesque, Revue, Comic Opera and Operetta. 

Class monologues for Showcase must be memorized.

Finish Great American Songbook (view and journal)

Solos and ensemble pieces in progress in class. Showcase scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 22nd. At 4p.  Class will present monologues, solos, and group numbers.


Analysis Sheet and Key Sig. “perfection” quizzes due. (12/10)


Basics I packet-  (pitch, keyboard registrar, Intervals (half and whole steps) scale degrees, major scale, circle of 5ths, key signatures, major and minor thirds and triads.)

Assessments;1) Keyboard check 2) staff notebook check 3) major and minor thirds COMPOSITION. Completion of packet (Basics I)

“Critters” compositions due Oct. 31st. Compositions will be performed Nov. 1st in class. Tape recording will be made.  (Please be prepared to play you composition.) Last 3 performances—Jen, Jesse and Matt on Wed.11/14.

Mid-term with Mr. Casella.

Placement of key signatures (sharps and flats) for 11/12

Circle of 5ths, relative minor keys., major scales and interval I.D.







Class performances will continue. (Sonnets w/ cadences)Packets are due.  Be prepared to perform Assignment 4.2 in the Cadence packet. 

Continue to work on "Go For Baroque" due Dec. 11.






Vive L'Amour, September Song (Weill) The Star Spangled Banner, Humming Chorus (from Madame Butterfly - Puccini), Gloria (fanfare) Canons I and II.

3. Five outside "Listenings for Enlightenment" are due at the end of the marking period. (Evaluations of singers, a paragraph long, typed with artist (s) name, voice type, music sung and personal opinion about the performance.)

4. A personal vocal tape or CD is due before the end of each marking period with musical sample:. Canons I and II plus last two pages of Deck the Hall. (your part only) 

5; Mandatory Concert Performances:

 12/21 -Holiday Concert , 5/20/06-Spring Concert, 6/26/06-Graduation

Sectionals (monthly pull-outs from classes) Times TBA -posted in Choir Room and Music Dept. showcase.)

Combined Rehearsals -  1 Tuesday per month  3-4p . Oct. 18,  Nov. 15, Dec. 13, Jan. 10, Feb. 14, May 16, June 13.)

New repertoire for Holiday Concert: 

Trepak (Tchaikovsky) Deck The Hall (Rutter) 

Bergen County Chorus Auditions, Oct. 27 at Cresskill H.S. - Sicut Locutus Est, chromatic and diatonic scales required. $ 5 audition fee.  Give it a try!!



Opera Festival forms are available. ($20 participation fee) Please discuss the Choir event at home.  Return the form with a signature, check made payable to PHS by Jan. 11.) This will be the "Choir Trip" for 2005 on Saturday, March 4th.  ---

Get your listenings in, begin work on your tape and master your music!! ---a formula for success in Concert Choir.  Attend alll sectionals and Oct. 18th combined rehearsal. 

Late forms for Bergen County ($ 10) ONE MORE DAY.

New repertoire: Welsh Lullaby, This Is The Heaven, All Delighting (from opera, Alcina by Handel) 

Combined rehearsal TUESDAY, 10/18 3-4P IN THE AUDITORIUM. (mandatory)Sectionals next week. 

New music introduced: Sim Shalom* Janowski, Bells added to Handel (T.I.T.H.A.Delighting) Next Bell rehearsal will be after Prem1ers, Tuesday, 10/25. Tamborines and  movement added to Trepak.. See Mrs. R if interested.

Bergen County Auditions at Cresskill H.S. 4p 10/27

Prem1ers add Bach's Bouree to your tape for this marking period.

Striving for Accuracy- (OUR "HABIT" OF MIND)  for November.  Essential Question: What does accuracy have to do with singing?

Please consider this "habit" when making your tape and writing your "listenings".  (All due BEFORE 11/16) 

New Repertoire: Jingle Bell Rock. Next Combined Choir rehearsal is Tuesday, Nov. 15th (Mandatory)

"Creating, Imagining, and Innovating" (Dec. Habit of Mind) We will continue to customize our concert.  Update your list of insertions into the fabric of the concert; 1. surprise 2. unique repertoire 3. instrumentation 4. choreography 5. props 6. audience participation.  How are YOU adding to the "customization"??

Tree Lighting- 12/12 at Petruska Park--please arrive @ 7:15 to sing at 7:30p.  (dress: warm, colorful clothing--bring a flashlight to light your face.) "Deck", Carol of the Bells, Gloria Fanfare/Angels We Have Heard of High

Mandatory rehearsal, 12/21 immediately after school.  Continue w/orchestra @ 3:15 for Halleluia Chorus.

Call time 6:30 p (If you still need a robe) 

6:45 p  for robes and warm-up. News flashes: No bells for Auld Lang Syne, Be on the alert for BOWS throughout the Concert.  Break a Leg!!


Concert Choir

Begin new repertoire for Spring -- The Sound of Music, (Rodgers)Now I Walk In Beauty (Navajo prayer) I Got Rhythm (Gershwin) Bell Chorus (Leoncavallo) 

Five new listenings are due BEFORE 1/26/06 as well as the two taped samples of YOUR voice. (Now I Walk in Beauty and YOUR PART pg. 7 and 8 of  I Got Rhythm.) 

Prem1ers (My Spirit Sang All Day pg. 3 and 4 ...."my jealous ears grew whist") 

Have solos and duets ready to perform at Tuesday rehearsal (1/24) as preparation for Opera Festival. 

Begin "Bells of Rhymney" (Pete Seeger), In the Hall of the Mt. King (Grieg) for Avery Fisher Hall performance.  

Be able to discuss the significance of Wales and West Virginia as coal producers and subjects of poetry.

Research the history of Peer Gynt.  How can the Concert Choir make a choral arrangement more exciting?

Week of 9/7/05






















Nov. 1










































Week of 9/12






Week 9/19













Nov. 1




Dec. 1











Music Theory











































Music Appreciation






Period 7






















































What do we already know about Music Theory? Vocabulary and assess expertise

Rudiments of music reviewed in handout. (Chap.1: "Basics !" ) pitch placement on piano, key signatures and circle of fifths) Keyboard preparation of C, G, and D Major scales.  In addition, prepare one solo piece selected from:

Danny Boy, Green Sleeves, London Bridge or O Du Lieber Augustin.

Performance on "primary instrument" 9/22 and 23. Basics Quiz #1 due Monday, 9/19.

Build Major and minor triads on the Grand Staff from the following pitches: Due Monday, 9/26.

Continue to develop a comprehensive list of "compostion techniques" from our IN CLASS listenings.  Utilize these techniques in your "Pond" composition, due October 3d.  (Primary composition elements are Major and minor 3ds and ostinato/pedal point) 

**Keep a performance "journal" section of your staff notebook to react to peer performances.  Note style, composition techniques and elements of music.

Finish performances. Begin diminished chords. How does one build a diminished triad? Compare this use of thirds to Major and minor triads. Be ready for a listening quiz distinguishing the three.(Major, minor, diminished) ******************************************* Basics II entire packet must be completed by October 28th.  Pages. 21 and 22 due 10/19. Continue work on Baroque "Deck the Hall".  Note your "source" for the Baroque composition. (Check suggested listening on the theory board.)

Baroque performances extended to 10/25. Keyboard work on Monday, 10/24. Style reports due. We will continue to  compile student information for TIME LINE.

March Slave (Tchaikovsky) and Mozart piece: Tonic (I chords) marked by Nov. 1st. 

Baroque compositions returned.  Please complete a self evaluation for your composition. Continuing study of basic harmonic structure: 1. Complete M/m triads and relative minor triads with I and I6 inversions for Monday, November 7.  Basics II Packet (extention) due November 9. 

Classical Greensleeves due. Performances on Dec.2. Please give your composition a NAME.

Basics II due (end of packet only) 

Keyboard Challenge: I-IV- I- V-I cadences using most "economical" inversions and common tones in C, G, D, A, and E.---F, Bb and Eb. 

Extra Credit: e minor and f minor. 

Romantic Performances * 12/22 and 12/23 Flash Cards due on 12/23 (4 well known themes) 

"Ragtime (The Entertainer) to Romantic" composition is due on January 3d.  Performances will be recorded by Katie Bergin for the class CD.  Please give your piece a TITLE and be prepared to complete self-evaluation. 

Complete performances.  3x5 cards (3) are due with familiar melodies.  Cards will be exchanged for sight singing skill practice.  Vocabulary contributions (by letter assignment) are due by Monday, 1/23.  

"Mystery Melodies" are due by 1/23.  

New unit on Sight Singing (risk taking...) is first priority.  Prepare to sight read ALL rhythms and melodies after the Winter Break.  (Feb. 28.)

Develop a melody setting to our 8 measures of student rhythms on the chalk board.  Use at least 2 diminished chords.  Try to "create a mood".  (Due 2/7/06) 





Listening: Carnival of the Animals

Piano --Play the techniques on the piano that we heard Saint Saens use to create the IMPRESSION of the animals.  

glissando, arpeggio, grace note, triads, and trills.  

Write a "secret word" by using the letter on the musical staff. (treble clef) 


Create a piece using the composition techniques that were used in Carnival of the Animals, Going Home, (from the New World Symphony) and Peter and The Wolf. 

Keyboards are available for class compositions.  Create your own original piece.  Use the instrument pads available as well as ANY EFFECTS.

Listen for DUPLE and TRIPLE meter. Conduct, clap and write rhythms on your work sheets. Share an example of a song we know that uses duple or triple rhythm.

What are the different FAMILIES of Instruments in the orchestra?  Class will listen and discuss which FAMILIES create which MOODS.  Bring in a CD that you enjoy so that we can decide which FAMILY is heard.  

Students will begin  to hear chord changes in accompaniments.  We will identify WHEN the changes occur and how to play the appropriate chord.  (class example: River Of Dreams * Billy Joel  and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star * Mozart

Bring in a CD that we might analyze in the same way.

Begin to recognize FAMILIES of instruments: 

Woodwinds (Identify picture, select sounds from recorded examples and distinguish between the character created by each instrument.) 

Strings (I.D. picture, listen and select sounds from recorded samples---)

Percussion: What is a beat? a pulse, a tempo? Our study will be about rhythm and rhythm instruments. OUR class will Hear, Play and Write RHYTHMS.

Keyboard challenges!  Invent two challenges for the class. After completing ALL of the challenges on your sheet, please INVENT YOUR OWN.

(BRING IN A CD THAT you like so that WE CAN ACCOMPANY it. ----like we do "River of Dreams" * Billy Joel. 

Begin to study the HUMAN Voice as an Instrument.

Complete your vocal "challenge", "What kind of voice do YOU have" and check the Musical Theater quiz.

Lesson 6 on Broadway of the present day---focusing on the VOICES.  


Begin to name (futuristic) names for our You Gotta Get Glued cast. After viewing the original Grease in class, finish personal logos and duties. 

We will begin to rewrite parody lyrics for Summer Nights as a class project. Entire class will learn to play chords; C, a minor, F and G as our keyboard challenge. Use the keyboards for drill and experimentation.

Begin to add contemporary rhythms to Summer Nights.

Bring in samples of Reggae and Techno rhythms.  Class will write, clap and play rhythms on percussion instruments.  

Vocal Fun: Reading Christmas Medley and Jingle Bell Rock.  Class will learn chord progressions.

Beethoven's Fur Elise for arpeggios example.  Mohammed will play what he has learned.  We will view the movie "Red Hot Ballroom" for our NEW techno and reggae Gotta Be Glued/Grease rhythms.

Immortal Beloved (Beethoven) and Amadeus (Mozart)  will be our movies for comparison.  

Music, life and how we might hear their lives reflected in their music.  The class will play Fur Elise in teams. The keyboards and pianos are available for you at any time.  Use headphones if someone else is working.  Develop a compare/contrast paragraph about Mozart and Beethoven.