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Try to read daily in addition to our class readings…pick up a book or a newspaper/magazine.


Any questions, email Mrs. McKenzie at










Mrs. McKenzie - English Department

Period 1 English 11-CP

Period 3 English 11-R

Period 2 Literacy Lab (Grade 10)*

Period 6 English 11-Honors

Period 5 Expository Writing **

*Group and individual daily activities that address those skills necessary for success on both the Critical Reading and Writing sections of the HSPA. Please note: The Literacy Lab does not have homework.

**A writing workshop course – virtually all work done in class and in computer lab.


English 11:

Vocabulary Workshop

11-H:  A-List (121-140) quiz 6/7

11-CP: A-List (121-140) quiz 6/9

11-R:  Unit 6, Group 1 quiz was 6/2 (see Mr. Jandoli or Mrs. McKenzie if you need to make it up due to absence)


Independent Readings and Assignments


11-H: Personal Narrative due by 6/10; Digital Story due by 6/14


11-CP: Personal Narrative due by 6/11; Digital Story due by 6/15  


11-R: Personal Narrative due by 6/11; Digital Story due by 6/15