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Textbook: Prentice Hall Mathematics: Geometry

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For every lesson in the textbook their is additional support online for:

 homework, lessons, vocabulary, quizzes and tests.  

 Go to the website above to access this information.  Enter the codes below beginning with the prefix, then the first two digits of the chapter following with the code. 

Name Description Prefix Code Sample Codes
Homework Video Tutor  Instructional Videos that assist with math concepts. aue Chapter # Lesson # aue-0101 through aue-1206
Lesson Quizzes Online practice quiz for every lesson in the textbook aua Chapter # Lesson # aua-0101 through aua-1206 
Vocabulary Quizzes Online practice vocabulary quiz for every lesson in the textbook.   auj 51 auj- 0151 through auj-1251
Practice Tests Online practice test for every lesson in the textbook.   aua 52 aua-0152 through auj-1252


Date Assignment
Friday, June 18th FINAL EXAM      NOTEBOOK DUE!!!! 

Geometry Final Exam Review.doc

Friday, June 4th CIRCLE TEST TODAY!!!
Wednesday, June 2nd pg. 710 (1-9)(14-19) pg. 591 (26-33) pg. 592 (13-20)
Tuesday, June 1st pg. 707 1-21 QUIZ TOMORROW!!!!
Monday, May 24th p. 673-674 1-19
Thursday, May 20th Theorems from Chapter 12
Wednesday, May 19th pg. 668 35-47 Formulas Chapter 12
Tuesday, May 18th STUDY!!!! Circles Quiz Soon!!!!
Tuesday, May 18th pg. 665 1-16 Vocabulary Chapter 12
Friday, May 14th pg. 577-578  17-28  Quiz Today!
Thursday, May 13th pg. 577 1-16
Wednesday, May 12th pg. 569 1-56 Formulas Chapter 10
Monday, May 10th Chapter 10 Vocabulary
Thursday, May 6th p. 464 1-22 Chapter Test
Friday, May 7th Chapter 8 Test
Tuesday, May 4th p. 461 1-30 Review Make sure Chapt. 8 Vocab is done!
Monday, May 3rd p. 447 1-17
Friday, April 30th p. 441 11-20, 22-28, 37-47 plus  Chapter 8 Formulas
Tuesday, April 27th Quiz Today!!!! 8.1 and 8.2 
Monday, April 26th p. 434 1-3 SIN A&B COS A&B TAN A&B SOH CAH TOA
Thursday, April 22nd p. 428 1-6 plus  Chapter 8  Theorems
Wednesday, April 21st  Chapter 8 Vocabulary
Tuesday, April 20th p. 420-421 1-29 no 16&17 
Friday, April 9th CHAPTER 7 EXAM TODAY!!!!!
Wednesday, April 7th Chapter 7 Test Review
Monday, April 5th  p. 400 1-24
Friday, April 1st p. 380 1-24
Friday, April 1st NOTEBOOK DUE!!!!!  
Monday, March 29th p. 394 1-33 plus Chapter 7 Theorems
Friday, March 26th p. 385 1-39 plus  Chapter 7 Formulas
Thursday, March 25th p. 375 1-35 plus Chapter 7 Vocabulary
Tuesday, March 23rd p. 368 1-48
Friday, March 19th TEST Chapter 6
Wednesday, March 17th QUIZ!!!! Chapter 6
Thursday, March 11th p. 357 1-29 p. 360 1-19
Wednesday, March 10th p. 338 1-28
Tuesday, March 9th p. 324 1-10, 13, 14-21
Thursday, March 4th p. 316 31-47, 54-67
Wednesday, March 3rd p. 315 1-30
Tuesday, March 2nd p. 308 1-26, 45-48, 56-59 Ch. 6 Vocabulary
Thursday, February 25th Chapter 6 Vocabulary and Formulas
Wednesday, February 24th Chapter 5 Test
Monday, February 22nd Textbook Review p. 304 #1-12
Friday, February 12th Wishing you all a wonderful winter break!
Thursday, February 11th QUIZ!!!! Indirect Proofs & Inequalities in Triangles
Tuesday, February 9th Chapter Review p. 297 #1-42
Monday, February 8th 5.5 Vocabulary and p. 292 #1-27
Friday, February 5th Indirect Proof HW
Wednesday, February 3rd p. 283 1-19 and 22-25 plus Vocabulary
Tuesday, January 29th Mid-Term Exam 7:45-9:50 Chapters 1-4
Tuesday, January 29th NOTEBOOK DUE!!!!! Geometry Notebook MP2
Tuesday, January 26th Mid Term Review Sheet
Tuesday, January 26th Text Chapt. 3 & 4 Review
Friday, January 22nd Text Chapter 2 Review
Friday, January 22nd QUIZ!!!!!  
Thursday, January 21st p. 275 17-28
Wednesday, January 20th p. 275 1-16
Friday, January 15th p. 262 1-36
Thursday, January 14th CHAPTER 4 TEST
Tuesday, January 5th p. 230 1-13, 15, 20-22
Monday, January 4th Complete 3 Board Problems Study for Quiz!!!!
Wednesday, December 23rd QUIZ!!!!!!
Wednesday, December 23rd p. 250 proofs # 28,29,30 SHOW Corresponding Parts!
Tuesday, December 15th Quiz Soon STUDY!!!!!!
Tuesday, December 15th p.217 # 22,23,25,37,38 show your work!
Monday, December 14th p. 215 #1-16, 20-21
Friday, December 11th List Ways to find Congruent Segments/Angles
Wednesday, December 9th p. 209 #18-30, 38-39
Tuesday, December 8th p. 209 #1-17 plus 2 triangles
Monday, December 7th p. 200 and test corrections
Thursday, December 3rd p. 200 #1-23
Thursday, December 3rd SLOPE TEST!!!!!!
Wednesday, December 2nd SLOPE QUIZ!!!!!
Tuesday, December 1st  Pink 3.5 Worksheets Due
Friday, November 20th CHAPTER 3 TEST
Wednesday, November 11th Complete Worksheets Geo Test 3.pdf Geo Quiz 3.pdf
Wednesday, November 11th  Quiz Today!!!!
Tuesday, November 10th Textbook page 192 #1-23
Wednesday, November 4th Complete Worksheet Packet
Wednesday, November 4th Notebook Due!!!! GEOMETRY NOTEBOOK MP1
Tuesday, November 3rd Geometry Textbook page 162 Problems 26-38, 40-44, 47-49
Monday, November 2nd Geometry Textbook page 161 problems 1-25


Study Guides
Chapter 10 Area
Volume Formulas
Surface Area Formulas
Surface Area and Volume
Circle Theory
Circle Terminology
Area of a Segment
Areas of Circles & Sectors
Area For Basic Geometric Shapes
Formula for the Area of a Triangle
Area of a Parallelogram
Finding Area
Area Of Plane Figures
Angles In A Circle Summary
Circle Word Concepts
Chapter 8 Right Angles and Trigonometry
8.1 Right Triangles
8.5 Angles of Elevation and Depression
Chapter 7 Similarity
Chapter 7 Vocabulary Similarities
7-4 Similarity in Right Triangles
Chapter 6
Chapter 6 Vocabulary
Quadrilateral Graphic Organizers
Chapter 5
5 Ways To Show Triangle Congruence
Geometry Formulas
Chapter 4
Congruent Theorems
Geometry Proofs- Proving Congruence
SSS Postulate
Congruent Triangles Graphic Organizer
How Can Triangles Be Proven Similar
Congruent Triangles
How do you find the slope of a line given two points on the line
How do you graph linear equations using a table of values
Writing an Equation for a Line Using Slope- Intercept Form
Congruence of Triangles
Chapter 3
Quadrilateral Graphic Organizers
Polygon Notes
The Sum of the Interior and Exterior Angles of Polygons
Class Notes Regular Polygon
3.5 Polygon Angle Sum Power Point
Parallel Lines Are Cut By a Transversal Organizer
How Can You Prove Lines are Parallel
Chapter 2  
Chapter 1
Geometry Terms
Chapter 1 Study Guide

Circle words concept.doc

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