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Date Assignment
Friday, June 18th Final Exam!!!!!
Friday, June 4th Genetic Quiz
Tuesday, May 18th Biology Testing
Monday, May 17th Biology Testing
Wednesday, May 12th EVOLUTION TEST
Monday, May 10th Evidence of Evolution Lab Due
Tuesday, May 4th Story of Evolution
Monday, May 3rd Applying Darwin's Ideas
Friday, April 30th DNA Text Today
Thursday, April 29th DNA Structure Lab Due
Thursday, April 22nd Text Questions p. 68-69
Friday, April 7th HEREDITY TEST TODAY!!!!
Wednesday, April 7th Complete Blood Type Lab
Thursday, April 1st Text Questions p. 82-83
Wednesday, March 31st Text Questions p. 78-79
Monday, March 29th Text Questions p. 82-83 
Friday, March 26th Human Pedigrees
Tuesday, March 23rd Chapter 8 Review
Friday, March 19th Human Characteristics
Friday, March 19th Text Questions p. 72-73
Thursday, March 11th Heredity Lab
Wednesday, March 10th Text Questions 70-71 #1-7
Tuesday, March 9th Text Questions 66-67 #1-9
Monday, March 8th Mitosis Lab Due!!!! 
Thursday, March 4th Cell Reproduction Quiz
Wednesday, March 2nd Cell Reproduction Review
Wednesday, February 24th Cell Cycle Regulations Cancer
Wednesday, February 24th Cell Regulation Worksheet
Monday, February 22nd List And Describe Each Step Of A Cell
Friday, February 12th Wishing you all a wonderful winter break!
Thursday, February 11th Mitosis in a Plant Cell Lab
Monday, February 8th Science Skills: Sequencing
Monday, February 8th Recognizing Cycle
Monday, February 8th Active Reading: Mitosis
Wednesday, February 3rd Text Questions p. 56-57
Friday, January 29th Mid-Term 10A.M.-12:05P.M.
Tuesday, January 26th Mid Term Review
Tuesday, January 26th Mid Term Study Guide
Friday, January 22nd TEST- Global Climate Change
Wednesday, January 13th TEST-Cell Energy
Friday, January 8th Active Reading Photosynthesis
Friday, January 8th Photosynthesis Rate
Thursday, January 7th Text Questions p. 54-55
Wednesday, December 23rd CELL TEST!!!!  STUDY NOTES!!!!!!
Monday, December 21st Pain Cell Signaling
Monday, December 21st Cells Review
Tuesday, December 15th Passive and Active Transport
Wednesday, December 9th Analyzing Experiments U-tube
Friday, December 11th Osmosis in an Onion Cell Lab
Monday, December 7th Text Questions page # 50-51
Tuesday, December 8th Special Cell Processes-Osmosis
Wednesday, December 2nd Interactive Reading 7.3 From Cell to Organism
Tuesday, December 1st Text Questions page # 48 & 49
Wednesday, November 25th TEST- CELL STRUCTURE
Wednesday, November 18th Cell Analogies-Cell is Like a Restaurant
Thursday, November 12th QUIZ- Secrets of a Cell Video
Thursday, November 12th The Anatomy of a Cell
Wednesday, November 11th Text Questions page # 44-45
Monday, November 2nd Scope Lab and Conclusions are due.  Please come after school to complete if you are not finished.
Tuesday, November 3rd The marking period is closing soon.  All missing assignments, labs, quizzes and tests must be turned in by Wednesday, November 3rd



Gene Technology Notes
Evolution Vocabulary
Evolution Notes
Cell Reproduction Notes Genetics Notes
Global Climate Change
Cell Function Introduction Cell Parts and Their Job
Types of Cells Comparing Cells Graphic Organizer
Cell Communication Cell Parts and Functions
Structure of a Lipid Bi-layer Cell- Analyzing Experiments
Passive and Active Transport Notes Cell Parts and Terms
Passive Transport How Do Cells Make Proteins?
Osmosis Notes How Do Materials Move In and Out of a Cell



Enzymes Lab
Osmosis in an Onion Cell Lab  


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