OBJECTIVES:     The goal of this course is to introduce you to the world of computer art and give you the knowledge and opportunity to create art using the tool of the computer.  You will learn and use basic to complex design and composition techniques along with the processes of several art computer programs.  Here you will delve into the world of Graphic Design and push the medium to its limits to create original art and artistic solutions to problems or jobs that are proposed to you.  Ultimately you will be able to use what you learn to create visuals that will enhance any communication media, from the graphic for a web site to a physical piece of artwork that could hang in a museum.


SUPPLIES: All in school assignments will be done in this computer lab with the equipment provided.  We have the capability to print in color, create web sites to publish work, and publish hardcopy products to present as portfolio pieces.  You may be asked to create some work outside of class, but this will be done in a sketchbook.


RULES: Respect each other, myself, and the equipment.    Misuse or misbehavior will be answered with negative effects on classroom participation grades and will result in the following process (if behavior improves the actualization of the list will not occur.)

1.      Verbal Warning

2.      Written warning/ phone call to home

3.      after school detention

4.      suspension of computer privileges.

5.      You will be handed over to the proper administrative VP


4 lates is a cut.  One cut equals a zero for all work due or done on that day and you will be written up to your administrator for detention or worse.



-         Small blank pages sketchbook

-         Pen/pencil

-         All assignments must be completed by due date.

-         Proper conduct in classroom and on general school property.


GRADING:  All assignments, projects, etc. will be given a point value. To figure out your average add up your total point received and divide by the total points available.


-         Classroom and Critique Participation                                             100 pts                       

-         Daily assignments, sketchbook assignments/notes                          30 pts

-     quizzes                                                                                          50-100 pts

-         Tests                                                                                             200-300 pts

-         Art projects  graded on three levels:                                          300-600 pts

1.      Technical

2.      Composition/Creativity  

3.      Fulfilling assignment requirements

-         Mid- Term and Final Projects                                              

-         Final Portfolio of all of your semester work