COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is a continuation of the Art 1.  This class provides further exploration of visual language through the elements of art (line, color, texture, space/form).  This course encourages creative expression through a variety of media and techniques.  You will strengthen your appreciation for fine art and learn to look at art both objectively and subjectively.



All students…

1.      must be respectful of fellow classmates

2.      are expected to take responsibility for their work environment

3.      must clean up after themselves (no excuses!)

4.      must be willing to explore their limitations

5.      should become engaged in the creative process and be able to express their ideas through art


RULES:  Students will respect each other and the materials we use and follow all rules in the classroom.  Misuse or misbehavior will be answered with negative affects on classroom participation grades and will result in the following process (if behavior improves, the actualization of this list will not occur):

1.      Verbal warning

2.      Written warning/ Phone call to parent(s)/Guardian

3.      After school detention

4.      Equipment suspension

5.      You will be referred to the proper administrative Vice-Principal



            -Sketchbook (8x11 or 9x12, spiral or bound)

            -Pen/Pencil for every class

            -All sketchbook and classroom assignments must be completed by due date

            -Proper conduct in classroom

            -Must have desire to learn and explore


GRADING:  Your marking period grade includes: participation in classroom discussions and critiques, daily assignments, quizzes, midterm and final exam, and art projects.

Projects graded on six levels:

1.      Procedure (Instructions)

2.      Content

3.      Creativity

4.      Neatness/Presentation

5.      Composition/Design

                  6.   Work Habit (Effort)