Paramus High School
Teacher Notes



Mr. David Allocco Social Studies
Mr. Robert Banks Math
Mr. William Barlettano Science
Mr. Paul Barnes Math
Ms. Maria Elena Bellinger Physical Education
Ms. Elizabetta Bertin World Languages
Mr. Michael Brewer Social Studies
Mr. Leigh Brown English
Ms. Leigh Bucchieri Special Ed.
Ms. Christine Burt English
Ms. Costanza Campagna World Languages
Ms. Patricia Collister Creative Arts
Ms. Heather Corey Creative Arts
Mr. Dennis Dalelio Creative Arts
Ms. Lucy Danny Social Studies
Ms. Constance Dejoseph Health
Mr. Michael DeLuca Social Studies
Ms. Norah Diliberto Social Studies
Mr. Mark Donellan Band Director

Mr. Timothy Donohue

Mr. Ted Evans Business

Mr. Michael Ferrari

Creative Arts
Mr. George Gallagher English
Mr. Joseph Gencarelli Guidance

Ms. Katherine Giannisis

Mr. Robert Gizzi Creative Arts
Mr. Kevin Glaser Math
Ms. Tracy Glock Special Education

Mr. Michael Gonnerman

Special Education
Ms. Neysa Gonzalez World Languages
Ms. Deepani Goonatilleke Science
Mr. Bryan Gorski Creative Arts
Mr. Kevin Graves Science
Ms. Frances Hawiszczak Science
Ms. Christie Hay English
Mr. Scott Helsel Math
Mr. Paul Higgins Physical Education
Mr. Ari Hitron Math
Ms. Elizabeth Iorio Special Education
Mr. Craig Jandoli Special Education
Ms. Sarah Jost Science
Mr. Matthew Kingsley Math
Mr. Steven Klass Science
Ms. Barbara Kondratowicz Social Studies
Ms. Kim Lauzon World Languages
Ms. Mary Ellen Lavin Creative Arts
Ms. Stacey Lespinasse Staff Training
Ms. Michelle Limbacher World Languages
Ms. Laritza Lorenzo World Languages
Ms. Claudia Malik World Languages
Ms. Tara Mamone Science
Ms. Michele McKenzie English
Mr. Jonathan Morrisette Physical Education
Ms. Stephanie Murri Physical Education
Mr. Vincent Nardo Special Education
Ms. Irene Ning Science

Mr. John Nolan

Ms. Audrey Ondich Special Education
Mr. Gary Pearl Science
Ms. Sherie Piniella Library
Ms. Yasmine Rana English
Ms. Claudine Ranieri Dance
Ms. Stevie Rawlings Music
Ms. Tania Regalbuto Math
Ms. Ashley Robbins Social Studies
Ms. Lisa Russino World Languages
Mr. Daniel Sabella Business
Ms. Michele Sarnoski English
Mr. Paul Schick Special Education
Mr. Jeffrey Schorling Special Education
Mr. Jerry Somma Social Studies
Ms. Felicia Steele Fine Arts
Ms. Nancy Strumwasser Social Studies

Ms. Kristen Tarabocchia


Ms. Maggie Touloughian

Ms. Kimberly Treboski Math
Mr. Erik Van Boeckel Special Education
Mr. Emanuel Weinstein Special Education
Mr. Jeremy Westhaver Creative Arts
Mr. William Whitney Physical Education
Ms. Judy Wilkes Music
Ms. Meggan Wolf Social Studies
Mr. John Ziemba Science


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